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Chateau Heritage, one of the oldest and most loved Lebanese wines has been on the market, both locally and internationally, since 1999. After a lot of demand and requests from local and international wine lovers for winery visits and tours, Chateau Heritage winery has finally opened its doors for visitors from all over the world with a variety of touristic packages that vary from hiking and ecotourism tours to experiencing the best that authentic and rural Lebanese Cuisine has to offer in our new Restaurant. Tours and packages include:

Guided Visits

Visit our newly renovated winery and get a hands on explanation of how our top quality wines are produced and aged.

Taste our wines and get the chance to buy the ones you love in our boutique capable of welcoming a large group of up to 80 people at once.

Don’t forget to try our precious and old cognac.


Enjoy a superb variety of authentic and rural Lebanese foods that your mothers and grandmothers used to take pride in preparing, in our restaurant accommodating up to 80 people at once.


New hiking trails, both private in our vineyards, or cultural in the beautiful town of Kab-Elias where you get to enjoy breathtaking nature scenery and explore the rich historical heritage of our beloved town.

Tours can also include a visit to our farm where you can get to see a variety of animals pick your own eggs from the hen and your own vegetables directly from the land.

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