Château Heritage - FUSION - Château 2018

Château Heritage - FUSION - Château 2018

Technical Information

Elements:  Château Heritage, Fusion, Château 2018 is a combination of Cabernet-Sauvignon and Syrah.

Harvest: Totally manual harvest with only the exceptional years and optimal quality grapes used.

Bottling: When the wine was deemed ready, it was bottled at the château. High Quality Natural Corks were used in the 44mm format on 750ml bottles.

Vintage: 2018

Analytical Information:

Alcoholic strength: 14.5%; Total Acidity: 3.44g/l H2SO4; Residual Sugar: 1.2g/l

General Information:

Tasting Notes:  After 20 years of working with cabernet and syrah, we have come to understand very well our grapes and our wines. 

And after many trials with different blends and different oak barrels, we have reached a blend that we believe is an exceptional blend of our grapes more over one of the best blends for Lebanese wine. 

The fusion is the blend of Chateau Heritage of Cabernet Sauvignon 40% in American oak and Syrah 60% in French oak. 

The American oak which is twice as dense as the French oak with more spices and wood sugar compounds coats the heavy tannins of the Cabernet wine and help make the wine more sensuous and exotic. 

The French oak adds flavors of chocolate roasted coffee beans to the savory spices of the Syrah.

This fusion between Cabernet in American oak and Syrah in French oak resulted in a wine with perfect equilibrium, phenomenal length and a very dense cubic color, with notes of black fruits and jams in the mouth enrobed with noble tannins. 

Exceptional fusion, Fine pastries.



04 November 2021


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