Château Heritage - Temptation Chocolate Wine

Château Heritage - Temptation Chocolate Wine

Technical Information

Elements: Château Heritage, Chocolate Wine is formulated on the basis of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah

Harvest: Totally manual harvest with only the exceptional years and optimal quality grapes used.

Bottling: When the wine is deemed ready, it is bottled at the château. High Quality Natural Corks are used in the 24mm format.

Analytical Information

Alcoholic strength: 18% ; Total Acidity: 3.6g/l H2SO4

General Information:

Tasting Notes:  Chocolate and red wine have always been paired together as a match made in heaven for the palate. At Chateau Heritage we decided to bond this marriage of flavors together in this exceptional bottle of Chocolate Wine. This red wine is produced from Grenache, Carrignan and Syrah. The infusion of chocolate into the fermentation process resulted in the aromas and flavors of black cherry, blueberry and dark chocolate. It is truly an incredible experience for the palate.


05 March 2017


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